I am sorry it’s so late after your birthday, but because I have not been here since your birthday, it has come to this. *Smiling sheepishly, he continues.*

This would be my first gift:

An ornate sterling serving fork and spoon. I treasure every moment we spend together and and seem to remember strange little details about even the most trivial moments. One of my fondest memories with you is when I combed your hair with a fork… and because of this, it truly touches a deep place in my heart to give you these as a gift.

They are both quite large and I would not recommend eating with them, but… you could try; I would try.

This would be my second gift; it turned out to be a bit rich, so please, be careful.

Although we have not gotten to spend so much time together lately, I hold precious and dear the times we to get to see one another or speak to one another, even if it is merely to say hello. You will always be one of my closest friends and I love you so very much.

Happy birthday, love.

Missing you still,



I actually remember that moment quite well. It kind of sticks with you, I think, to have your hair combed with a fork, lol. It was actually a really soothing moment.

I’m gonna do the thing. I can’t not try with a challenge like that. I need a monster bowl and plate to go with them.

I’m going to demolish that cake, ugh. I’ll be careful, though, don’t worry.

I know, and I hope you know it’s the exact same for me, I love you deeply and without stipulations, ‘kay? No matter how much time passes or how little we get together, although I wish for more time with you, you’ll always have a special spot in my heart and I’ll always think of you as one of my closest friends.

Thank you, Colibrì-chan.

Missing you back,


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MIYAVI - Selfish Love

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"REAL?" 10/09 RELEASE! 

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Let the music take you higher
Move on til’ you’re filled
Scream out to the future louder
Free to say what’s real

happy birthday

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feliz cumpleaños

tu sonrisa es lo más lindo del universo.

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Happy Birthday, Miyavi!

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Happy birthday, Miyavi


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