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The initial shock of running into him with what was fair to say a smidge of biased attention was beginning to subtly wear off. Yes her cheeks were still thoroughly flushed and she hadn’t yet managed to maintain eye contact for longer than a few thuds of her heart. The case she was building in her head was crumbling apart before it could be completed. Oh well, fuck it. Who am I trying to impress.

“Anio, I like ahjussi just fine. It suits you perfectly.” She eye smiled watching him attentively, a throaty chuckle accompanying his self-assessment. No need to worry ace, it’s all looking damn spectacular from where I’m standing. She chewed her lip in a reflective appreciation.

With her teeth firmly planted in her red lip the blonde managed to steal a leisurely look at Miyavi through her lashes, reflexively scrunching her nose in return for that smile. “I don’t understand why you’d wanna do such a thing though? I mean it’s fair to say the mission was successful yeah?” She nursed a threatening pout. “So—now what?”

Without a thought as to how she would react to such a gesture or if it was an invasion of her personal space, Miyavi reached out and grazed the pad of his calloused thumb over the scrunched skin along the bridge of her nose, a look of warmth softening his features. “So cute.” He shook his head.

It took the guitarist a moment to reply. “You don’t understand why I’d want to come and flirt with you? How could I pass up that chance!” He couldn’t help but laugh at the preposterous idea. “I guess it was, although I would count it as more successful if things continued after the flirting ended.” The lick over his lips that followed Miyavi’s words was absent.

"Now? Now I think maybe I should take you out for a friendly drink, coffee perhaps, and get to know what you’re really like. I mean, I don’t doubt you’re the baddest and all, but I’m sure that’s only a small part of who you are." With his left hand, he gestured for her to precede him. "And maybe I’ll even let you see the Miyavi that isn’t all sexy as hell rock star. Assuming that exists." Cue cheesy wink.

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super guitarrists meeting

足立祐二 (DEAD END) 
青木裕 (downy, unkie) 
INORAN (LUNA SEA, Muddy Apes) 
石垣愛 (Derailers, ex.The Mad Capsule Markets)
ナカヤマアキラ (Plastic Tree)
玲央 (lynch.)
アイジ (LM.C)
Shinobu (Creature Creature) 
ミヤ (MUCC) 
結生 (MERRY)
PABLO (Pay Money To My Pain)  
葵 (the GazettE) 
麗 (the GazettE) 
悠介 (lynch.) 
白井眞輝 ([Alexandros]) 
石毛輝 (the telephones)  
圭 (baroque) 
Hiroto (Alice Nine)  
Sachiko (FLiP) 
Yuko (FLiP) 

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faceflatinabowlofcerial inquired: I am not so much asking if we can get a bear. I am more saying that we have a bear.

…….. Wait, are you talking about me or did you sneak an actual animal into the house again?

faceflatinabowlofcerial inquired: Daddy I want a giant stuffed plushie with a warming tummy. A bear. Daddy I want a bear.

I can get you a plushie bear that has a warming tummy, maybe.


“Oh you do that huh?” Her face fell immediately. Hiding how she felt wasn’t one of her strong suits and that little plump and building pout was the first of tell-tell signs. Her eyes narrowed by a fraction in her studious gaze. Suppose I expected as much.

“Hm?” She chirped snapping out her daze of sorts. Geeze even your laugh is attractive, look at the little creases at the corners of your mouth, oh and that spark in your eyes, what are you. “Grrr,” she growls unbeknownst to herself; nearly forgetting to participate in their active conversation. “Oh! Not that ahjussi—” A defense mechanism yes, she was calling him this on purpose. “Of course it’s nice to meet you. Even if you have unfair intel on me and all that.” Her nose twitches. “That’s totally fair, right?” Her tone dripping with disappointment.

The solo artist was nothing if not honest, and wouldn’t pretend that she was the only hot celebrity he asked about, but that didn’t mean he didn’t find her especially attractive, either. He very much so did. Still, he hadn’t come to talk to her in hopes of anything other than friendly teasing.

Did she just growl? Miyavi barely held in a laugh, amused yet again at how affected she was by him. And, to be honest, finding her horribly adorable. “Ahjussi? Do I look that old? Can’t I be a sunbae?” A deep frown on his lips, his hands both lift to his temples, calloused pads pressing against the skin there and giving it a lift as if to remove imaginary wrinkles. “You’re lucky you’re so cute.”

His frown stayed in place for a few solid moments before he finally relaxed out of it, his soft lips slowly curling up at the edges as he smiled at CL. “I don’t have much intel on you at all, though, just that flirting with you would get you flustered. You should give me better stuff.”

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